Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Do You Want To See?

Hello fellow FSA members! At our last board meeting we discussed this blog and how to use it most effectively. We came to the conclusion that in addition to using it to get information to you about upcoming events and activities, we would also like to use it for other purposes that meet your needs. Some ideas that we had were using the blog to post some or all of the following:
  • Articles about adoption/infertility
  • Adoption alternative information
  • Ideas for birth parent gifts
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Advice for couples starting the adoption process
  • "Finding" ideas
  • Etc.....

So here is where we need your help. What things would you like to see on the blog??? We want your input and feedback! So please leave a comment with your ideas, or you can email us directly at Thanks!!!


One Big Happy Family In Utah said...

These are all really great ideas! It was hard to think of any, but I have a few other we might consider. 1. Ideas on how to finance your adoption or other related expenses. Kelly Grove gave such a good list during the conference but I suspect there are others we could add to that list, especially over time and as the environment evolves.
2. Better definitions around the situations on the selection form. For example, what does Spina Bifida mean to my child, me, and my family; what do the various drugs mean to my child, me, and my family. Having a better idea of what these things are and what may be required of me helps me understand what I can handle and what I'll need to look into or plan for -- but it can also help me be less afraid about what something might require. For example, cleft palette vs fetal alcohol syndrome vs learning disability all bring some challenges and stretches - but may be all overcome in some fashion. 3. Changes in any laws or legislation on adoption benefits (in case we need to rally support) as was the case last year. 4. I would love to highlight the case workers here in Davis County. Going to Robin's farewell and seeing all of their faces made me realize how many of them I didn't know. And given the likelihood that we will have several case workers over our adoptive-life, it would be great to know a little something about them and place it with a picture. It might make that change less stressful when it does happen.


Boni said...

Wow, those are some great suggestions I agree with all of them. I'll think of some and post them as I think of them.

janet said...

I love the idea above about a caseworker spotlight. I'd also like to suggest a Q&A forum. Something similar to "I have a question" in the Ensign. Perhaps a selected panel of waiting parents, Adoptive parents, caseworkers and birthparents could be available to answer submitted questions and then feature the answers on the blog.

Kelly said... has a great section dedicated to different special needs. They describe what they are, what is like to raise a child with the condition and even provide you with a list of families that have a child with the condition that are willing to talk with you. Its awsome!
I also have a medical background (in my premom life), am raising several children with special needs, am constantly looking for families for special needs little ones and I am always willing to answer questions about special needs. Feel free to email me