Sunday, September 7, 2008

FSA Fireside

The Internet:
A New Era in AdoptionA Marvelous ToolWith the advent of the Internet, the world of adoption has been transformed. Computers and email reduce the time required to prepare and transfer documents. Birth parents seeking to place their child for adoption can go to dozens of Web sites to see profiles of parents wanting to adopt.
Day and night, the Internet hums with the activity of many people engaged in adopting. They meet online to ask questions, discuss issues and share their hopes and fears.
The Internet will not replace face-to-face meetings between birth mothers and adoptive parents, court dates to sign papers, nor travel to pick up your adopted child. Nor will it replace you adoption caseworker who counsels birth mothers, screens for potential fraud, prepares your home study, and provides post-placement visits.
However, the Internet is a tool that can help you to search for your child.The Internet has changed the way adoptions are done. More and more people are becoming reliant on the computer. Without the Internet, many families would not have found their children.
(quote courtesy of West Valley FSA Blog)
Adoption and the internet Davis County FSA Fireside
September 28, 2008
6:30 pm
The Fort Lane Chapel1402 N Fort Ln, Layton Utah
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